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Lowest Profile High CV Tantalum Capacitor

Lowest Profile High CV Tantalum Capacitor

AVX Corporation introduced the world's lowest profile high CV tantalum capacitor: the 47µF 8V 1206-06 D case TACmicrochip®. Both thin and flat, the  1206-06 TACmicrochip Series capacitors measure 3.4 mm in length, 1.8 mm in width, and feature a maximum height of 0.6 mm, which is 0.15 mm shorter than the existing 1206 V case TACmicrochip capacitor. Exhibiting high CV performance in an extremely thin package, in addition to all of the standard benefits of tantalum technology, including: inherent immunity to piezoelectric noise, and higher stability, reliability, and temperature performance than comparable MLCCs, the new 1206-06 D case TACmicrochip Series capacitors are ideal for use in audio and power amplifier modules, and as coupling/decoupling capacitors in handheld electronics.

Capable of being embedded in 0.8 mm-thick PCBs or designed into the latest generation of extremely thin handheld devices, the 1206-06 TACmicrochip capacitors are especially well suited for employment in a wide variety of embedded electronics applications, including near field communication (NFC) systems and smart cards, such as: bank cards, SIM cards, identification cards, and access control cards.

Manufactured using a tantalum wafer process to achieve the high levels of mechanical tolerance required for ultra-miniature devices, TACmicrochip Series capacitors feature an enhanced internal construction that eliminates the space-consuming elements of conventional molded J-leaded tantalum capacitors, including the anode wire, lead frame, and the need for larger wall thicknesses. The  1206-06 TACmicroship Series capacitors are supplied with lead-free, 100% tin terminations and are rated for use in temperatures spanning -55 °C to +125 °C. Lead time for the  TACmicrochip Series capacitors is 10-14 weeks.

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