Power Electronics

Low Insertion Height Capacitors

TDK-EPC has developed a wide range of EPCOS MKP and MKT film capacitors with low insertion heights. The new capacitors with a lead spacing of 37.5 mm feature insertion heights of only 15 or 19 mm. These components are designed for rated voltages of between 63 and 2000 V DC or 250 to 400 V AC. Their capacitance ranges from 0.1 to 82 µF. Depending on type and technology (MKT or MKP), these capacitors are designed for maximum operating temperatures of 105, 110 or 125 °C.

Applications include DC link circuits as well as DC or AC filtering in converters and power supplies. Their reduced insertion heights make these capacitors especially suitable for applications that require a low-profile design for constructional reasons. These include induction cookers, photovoltaic micro inverters, power supplies for flat-screen TV sets and LED lighting. Thanks to their low insertion heights, they offer very high mechanical resistance to vibrations and shocks, making them equally suitable for subassemblies in automotive electronics.

Main applications: DC link circuits, as well as DC or AC filtering in converters and power supplies.

Part Number: MKP/MKT

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