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Low Height Shielded Surface Mount Inductors

Wurth Electronics Midcom Inc has released the WE-TPC (low height) line of small shielded surface mount inductors. This power inductor line has a high current for a height under 2mm. There are part available in three different heights, 2mm, 1.5mm and 1.25mm. The various parts
have been designed for use in digital cameras, LCD displays lower than 1.5mm height, portable power devices and PCM/CIA cards.

The WE-TPC (low height) line has standard inductance values from 0.22uH to 22.0uH and is magnetically shielded which provides reduced EMI fields compared to similar inductors. The footprint measures 8.0mm x 8.0mm with a height of under 2.0mm for any version. The current ratings for the devices are from 750mA to 8.0A.

The inductor is constructed using materials allowing for operation temperature from -40C to 125C. The device has a large solder pad area for a high reliable solder connection meeting most shock and vibration testing.

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