Power Electronics

Leaded Resistors Boost Ratings to 3500 V, 2 W

Stackpole Electronics' MG series of high-voltage metal glaze axial leaded resistors allows designers to use a single component where requirements previously dictated multiple parts. The MG series offers voltage ratings of 1600 V for the 0.25-W models, 2000 V for the 0.5 W models and 3500 V for the 1-W and 2-W models. These capabilities allow a single MG resistor to replace 2 or 3 other resistors, greatly reducing total manufacturing cost while also improving the size and weight of the end products.

These resistors are designed for a variety of uses such as voltage division, circuit protection, inrush current limiting, and any other high impedance requirements. Applications would include many medical applications such as EKG, ECG, and heart defibrillators.

Other specifications include tolerances as low as 1% and temperature coefficients of 200 ppm. Typical pricing ranges from $0.04 each to $0.20 each, and is dependent on the required power rating, ohmic value and tolerance.
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