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 Lead Forming Solution For Surface Mounting Of Axial Resistors

Lead Forming Solution For Surface Mounting Of Axial Resistors

TT Electronics is introducing a new service which will allow conversion of axial through-hole resistors into a surface mount format.  The effective ZI-form option makes the characteristics of through-hole resistors that are not available in flat chip or MELF styles available to designers of SMD circuits.

The ZI-form service will enable customers to improve the efficiency of their production process and reduce opportunities for human error.  For example, power resistors with ratings up to 5W which dissipate their heat into the air can now be surface mounted - a valuable alternative to an array of several chip resistors which dump heat into the PCB and which need to be placed during a separate production process.

Further, precision metal film parts that give combinations of power rating and stability and are not available in thin film chips are also available using the ZI-form service.  Additionally, several of TT Electronics' fusible and high-voltage axial devices are also now surface mountable,  together with parts bearing UL recognition, aerospace release or customer approvals. ZI-form resistors are supplied in reeled blister tape for use on a vacuum pick & place system. A standard flat or MELF nozzle may be used provided the placement speed is consistent with the mass of the component.

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