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Inductors Suit SEPIC DC-to-DC Converters

Inductors Suit SEPIC DC-to-DC Converters

A new series of composite-coupled inductors from Vishay Intertechnology Corp. is built on the company's IHLP® technology, for use in SEPIC DC/DC converters and other applications. The Vishay Dale IHCL inductors feature magnetic coupling > 90 %, high-temperature performance to +155 °C, and are available in eight inductance values ranging from 2.2 µH to 47 µH. With a frequency range up to 5.0 MHz, the IHCL inductors are optimized for SEPIC converter circuits in automotive LED lighting. Integrating two inductors in one compact 10.16 mm by 10.67 mm (4040) package with a low 4.0 mm profile, the IHCL devices allow engineers to design more compact, robust, and efficient SEPIC converter circuits, while lowering overall costs.

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