Power Electronics

Inductor Technology Leads To Smaller Filters

TAIYO YUDEN‘s LBM2016 inductor series features a small EIA0806 case size (2.0 mm x 1.6 mm x 1.6 mm) made possible by adapting power inductor technology to signal line inductors. Signal line circuits incorporating an inductor and capacitor are used to isolate specific signal frequencies. This application requires inductors with a higher Q factor and narrower inductance tolerance than the type of power inductors typically used in dc-dc converter choke coils and IC input power circuits. However, adapting this same technology to the LBM2016 series signal-line inductors enabled a reduction in chip size while retaining the high Q factor and narrow inductance tolerance of previous signal-line inductors.

Further refinements included optimizing the material compound ratios of the outer covering, redesigning the ferrite core, thickness and number of windings to eliminate all wasted space and optimize performance. The LBM2016 series' non-polarized electrodes simplify manufacturability by allowing the device to be mounted, right side up, regardless of orientation.

A total of 25 different part numbers are currently offered in the series. Samples are available for $0.20 each. They are also available in production quantities.

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