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Inductor Product Line Expands with Small High Current Version

Inductor Product Line Expands with Small High Current Version

Renco Electronics announces the release of the company's high current version of the best selling product in compact form, the RL-5480HC. Under the slogan, "smaller is better", Renco debuted the RL-5480HC. The inductor's high saturation materials allow for ideal use in switched mode power supply applications including Output filtering and EMI suppression.

Supporting switched-mode power supply design, the small size and staggered lead length of the RL-5480HC allow for easy PCB insertion. Known for its broad inductance options, the RL-5480HC series offers 259 industry standard inductance values ranging from 3.9 µH to 270,000 µH. The series also boasts current capabilities up to 9.50 A and a saturation current as high as 24.5 A.

In addition, the RL-5480HC operates effectively within the same wide temperature range of -40°C to +130 °C as the RL-5480 providing tremendous flexibility to perform in just about any environment. The RL-5480HC is available in ammo pack for auto insertion. Prices start as low as $0.08 based on ordering quantity.

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