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Inductive Coupler Kit

Inductive Coupler Kit

The MICU 300A-S/LF inductive coupler from Premo transmits Powerline Communication (PLC) signals between power line and PLC data transceiver without connection of communication cable to power line. This inductive coupler has a safer installation (High insulation > 5 kV) than a capacitive coupler. The kit includes two units of its innovative Medium voltage Non Intrusive Inductive Coupler for Smart Grids (Prime & G3 PLC). MICU 300A-S/LF Series.

Key advantages:

·     Very low attenuation at low frequency

·     Very fast installation o Long distance transmission.

·     Best choice for cabinet /underground MV

·     Avoids Powercut.

PREMO´s MICU 300A-S/LF, is a high current solution made with high permeability and high performance nanocrystalline materials which avoid saturation problems at high currents. Moreover, it offers low insertion losses, 10dB±2dB (@100-250kHz); 5dB±2dB (@250-600kHz).

This cost effective solution has been customized for Maxim G3-PLC modems. It is also compatible with Enverv PLC modem Chipsets. It offers an optimum performance at 500kbit for PRIME PLC Smart grids solutions.

It is a waterproof compact solution BNC connector integrated in the coupler (other connections available under request). The kit can be ordered directly on PREMO´s e-shop. Deliveries in 24 to 48 hours.

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