Power Electronics

Higher Saturation Current Inductor

Renco Electronics announced that its RL-7500 inductor series will now be available in a larger size. The taller model in the series is named the RL-7500-4. Like its predecessors, the RL-7500-4 comes equipped with a durable magnetic shield, a high current rating and low resistance to minimize power loss. However, the optimized design of the 7500-4 will allow for higher saturation currents in the same footprint as the original sizes.

Excellent for use in power line DC-DC conversion applications used in LED applications, notebook computers and other electronic equipment, the RL-7500-4 will remain packaged in tape and reel quantities of 1,350 and priced at $0.27 per unit. Finally, sturdy construction of the 7500-4 allows for a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +130°C.

Renco Electronics
Part Number: REL-7500

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