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High Voltage Dividers Provide Accuracy and Stability

High Voltage Dividers Provide Accuracy and Stability

TT Electronics is further extending its range of solutions for challenging applications, with the introduction of three families of thick-film precision resistive dividers targeting high-voltage measurement circuits. The new devices are being launched in response to growing demand in the energy, medical, industrial and instrumentation markets.

The demand for this class of device is growing as vertical sectors expand. Applications like portable defibrillators, high voltage PSUs and vehicle mounted instrumentation require components that offer tight tolerances, class-leading temperature coefficients (TCRs), long life stability and extremely high ohmic values, in packages that deliver the optimum space, weight and cost combination.

The new families all maximize TT Electronics' expertise in developing solutions for measuring high voltages, comprising the high voltage divider (HVD), high voltage planar (HVP) and robust high voltage divider (RHVD) families.

The HVD family offers voltage ratings up to 30 kV in a SIL package, with ohmic values up to 5 GΩs; the HVP family reaches 10 GΩ and 20 kV (also in a SIL format) while the RHVD family adopts a robust DIL package making it suitable for applications that experience high vibration, such as vehicle mounted instrumentation, in a range that offers up to 1 GΩ and 15 kV. All three families are non-inductive and achieve 0.25% accuracy, with a 25 ppm/℃ TCR..

All three families are manufactured in TT electronics' UK facility, alongside custom variants and are available globally.

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