Power Electronics

High-Voltage Anti-Moisture Metal Film Resistors

Stackpole Electronics, Inc. announces the release of the RNV Series of axial leaded metal film resistors. The RNV Series has a standard ? watt body size and is able to handle voltages up to 1600 VDC and overload voltages of up to 3200 VDC. This series meets IEC60065.14.1 standards and possesses outstanding voltage surge handling up to7KV. The RNV uses proprietary manufacturing processes and materials to provide a robust product that has excellent electrical performance under prolonged high temperature and high humidity stress.

This high-performance metal film resistor is ideal for applications requiring high voltage handling capability, high reliability, and stability. Examples of ideal applications include switching power supplies, power inverters, AC adapters, appliances, electronic ballasts, and displays and monitors.

The RNV Series is available in both 5% and 1% tolerances, and in standard ammo and tape and reel packaging. Pricing for 1% tolerances is $0.03 in. full reel quantities.

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