Power Electronics

High Reliability S0402 & S0603 Inductors

API Delevan introduces some of the world’s smallest space level SMD inductors that are rigorously tested to Mil-STD-981 for High Reliability applications. We have combined our proprietary winding and bonding techniques with our renowned and sophisticated Environmental test lab, capable of performing load life testing, thermal shock, powered burn-in, short time overload, real time x-ray and extreme temperature testing to provide the reliability and assurances needed for stringent circuit solutions.


  • Manufactured and Tested in the USA by a qualified Mil-STD-981, Mil-PRF-39010 “R” company for the level of reliability demanded for Space flight
  • Fully Documented Baselines in accordance with MIL-STD-981C, MIL-PRF-83446C, and Mil-PRF-39010: Customer approved Quality Control, Inspection, Materials & Process Traceability
  • Group A & B testing regimen
  • High-temperature Ceramic Cores & Magnet Wire provide excellent temperature stability and mechanical ruggedness
  • Optional water dissolvable top cap for automated pick & place systems
  • Low AC & DC Resistance minimizes voltage drops and dissipated power
  • High Q & Ultra High SRF values enable stable inductor functionality into GHz range
  • Operating Temperature Range of –55 to +125 degrees C with optional higher operating temperatures available
  • Low Outgassing Properties
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