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High-Precision Thin Film Chip Resistor Arrays to 073 and 074 Case Sizes

High-Precision Thin Film Chip Resistor Arrays to 073 and 074 Case Sizes

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. has extended its PRA series of high-precision thin film surface-mount wraparound chip resistor arrays to the compact 073 and 074 case sizes. The new PRA073 and PRA074 are the industry's smallest such devices available with up to eight resistors of different ohmic values, tight tolerance ratios down to 0.01 %, and TCR tracking to 1 ppm/°C.

Each of the new PRA arrays features a pitch of 0.7 mm, with ultra-compact dimensions of 1.4 mm by 0.75 mm for the PRA073 and 1.4 mm by 1 mm for the PRA074 (with two resistors). The devices offer ohmic ranges up to 100 kohms, power ratings to 40 mW per resistor at +70 °C, and limiting voltages to 40 V. The PRA073 and PRA074 both feature tight TCR of 10 ppm/°C, very low noise of = 35 dB, and a low voltage coefficient of = 0.01 ppm/V.

The Vishay Sfernice arrays released today are designed for use in instrumentation, calibration, and data conversion systems in aircraft engine controls and flight command computers; precision scales; automatic test equipment; and medical applications. In these end products, the devices save board space and can replace more expensive matched resistors without compromising precision or reliability.

The PRA073 and PRA074 feature a high-stability passivated nichrome resistive layer for a load-life ratio of 0.02 % for 1,000 hours at +70 °C. With high-quality contacts between the resistive and conductive layers, and a proprietary patterning and laser trimming technique, designs are simplified by eliminating the need for digital drift compensation.

The surface-mount wraparound chip resistor arrays are RoHS-compliant and conform to Vishay "Green" standards. The devices are available with humidity withstand testing to AEC-Q200.

Samples and production quantities of the PRA073 and PRA074 are available now, with lead times of nine weeks for larger orders. Pricing for U.S. delivery starts at $2 per piece.

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