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Image courtesy of ARCOL Resistors
<p>(Image courtesy of ARCOL Resistors).</p>

High-Precision 10-Turns and 15-Turns Counting Dials

ARCOL Resistors has announced the availability of the high-precision ACD22 10-Turns and the ACD46 15-Turns Counting Dials. They are complementary to ARCOL's main resistor ranges and are designed for use with precision potentiometers and are ideal for a wide range of industrial and instrumentation applications.

They both accept 6.35mm (1/4 ") diameter shafts and the characters are highly-legible. The ACD46 has 100 Dial Divisions Per turn and the ACD22 has 50 Dial Divisions Per turn. The Counting Dials have a compact design with an attractive satin chrome finish and locking brake. The design also features a rugged construction and they are extremely reliable.


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