Power Electronics

High Power Thick Film Chip Resistor Series

The RMCP Series from Stackpole is a high power thick film chip resistor series that allows power system design engineers to downsize current designs without sacrificing power handling. For example, the RMCP0603 has a 1/8 watt power rating, which is equivalent to the power rating for standard commercial 0805 size chip resistors. Available sizes range from 0402 up to 2512, resistance values range from 1 ohm up to 10M, with 100 ppm and 200 ppm TCR depending on resistance value and tolerance.

The RMCP Series is a good choice for any application requiring high power handling in a small package, which may include controls, remote sensors, power modules for networking and datacom equipment, motor controls, and LED lighting controls.

Pricing for the RMCP Series varies with size, tolerance, and resistance value and ranges from $0.0063 to $0.188 in full reel quantities. Contact Stackpole or one of our franchised distributors for pricing inquiries.

Stackpole Electronics Inc.
Part Number: RMCP

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