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High Power Surface-Mount Capacitors

AVX Corporation has expanded its HQ Series MLC surface mount RF power capacitors to include P90 dielectric versions for high power high frequency applications, such as medical and industrial electronics. The HQ Series MLC with the P90 dielectric material features an ultra-low equivalent series resistance (ESR) and dissipation factor at high frequencies. The HQ Series capacitor with P90 dielectric is currently available in C case sizes, with E case sizes available in the third quarter.
The HQ Series power capacitors are designed for 300V to 7,200V applications and feature a dielectric strength of 120% of rated WVDC.

The devices can handle the high power and high voltage levels of RF power amplifiers, inductive heating, high magnetic field environments (MRI coils), and medical & industrial electronics.

AVX's HQ Series devices provide medical and industrial electronics experts with the high power and high voltage characteristics necessary for optimal performance. The HQ Series feature capacitance values from 2,700 pF down to 1 pF. The HQ Series power capacitors feature a temperature coefficient of 0±30ppm/°C or 90 ± 30ppm/ °C over the operating temperature range of -55°C to +125°C.

Typical pricing fro the HQ Series with P90 dielectric material starts competitive levels with a lead time of 14 weeks.

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