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 High Power Resistor Range Extended

High Power Resistor Range Extended

Stackpole announces the expansion of the TR Series of TO-220 and TO-247 style power resistors. The TR Series value range now starts at 50 mW and goes up to 20 kW for most sizes (the TR30 value range extends up to 100 kW). The TR Series is available in 0.5% tolerances and TCR as low as 50 ppm making it suitable for precision power resistor requirements. Power ratings for the TR series, assuming use with a heat sink and a 25°C case temperature, ranges from 20 W up to 100 W.

The TR Series is ideal for use with power semiconductors. Using a heat sink allows these relatively small parts to handle high power safely, reliably, and with minimal resistance shift over the life of the product.

Pricing for the TR Series ranges from $1.50 each to $6.00 each in full package quantities.

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