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High Power Current Sensing Resistor Offers Values Down To 25 Milliohms

The thermally efficient HPC incorporates thick film chip resistor elements and can accommodate resistance values down to 25 milliohms. Tolerances as low as 1% are available and the HPC has a dielectric withstand voltage of 800 volts. In addition, the HPC withstands short time overloads of up to 50 watts for several seconds and short pulses up to 2500watts. This allows the HPC to replace several smaller less robust resistive devices with a single surface mountable resistor.

Applications for the HPC Series include a wide variety of power supply applications for inrush current limiting, power supplies and controls for small motors, medical applications, test instruments and fixtures, aerospace, and utility meters.

The HPC Series from Stackpole is a compact surface mount resistor measuring 0.5 inches square by 0.4 inches high. It is capable of dissipating 5 watts in free air. Many other high power SMD devices force the PCB to dissipate a more significant amount of heat, which places restrictions on board design, layout, and nearby component selection. The HPC disperses most of its heat through its aluminum housing in to the ambient air. In addition the design of the HPC suspends the thick film resistance elements above the board, further minimizing the thermal effect on the PCB. The housing functions like a heat sink, drawing heat away from the resistors, and is designed to allow up to 12.5 watts of continuous power if there is sufficient air movement across the board.

Pricing for the HPC varies with resistance value and tolerance and ranges from $1.30 to $1.75 each in full reel quantities. Contact Stackpole for volume pricing. The HPC Series is available in tape and reel packaging in 200 piece quantities and in bulk. Common values are in stock through catalog distribution.

Stackpole Electronics Inc.
Part Number: HPC

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