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High Megohm Thin Film Resistors

OnChip announced the launch of highly sought-after Silicon based Thin Film components with resistance range of 5 Megohms to 150 Megohms. The XTM Resistor family is produced using OnChip's proprietary processes and exhibit extreme stablity over the life of the product. This Thin Film process yields a resistance element that is also less noisy and more stable over extreme temperature when compared to Thick Film components available in the Industry.

There is a dire need for high value stable resistors for a variety of applications in Medical, Instrumentation, Mil-Aero markets and Consumer Electronics to improve performance as well as life of the battery powered devices. High Resistance precision chip resistors are essential for extremely low signal detection. They are also critical in Photodiode Signal Amplification, Photomultipliers, Ionization Detection and other Amplification Circuits. OnChip's XTM devices with resistance as high as 150 Megohm and small chip size of 44 mils x 54 mils are ideally suited for these stringent applications. The typical thickness of the device is 10 mils (250 micron). The top bond pads are large (13 x 13 mils sq) and are ideal for wire-bonding.

Designed with extremely long serpentine strings of high resistivity material these devices are built using Semiconductor Stepper Technology to achieve fine lines and space. Using advance Laser Systems the resistor links are trimmed to achieve any value between 5 Meg-ohm and 150 Meg-ohm. The devices are built on 5" wafers and can be shipped unsawn or sawn and in GelPaks. The operating temperature range is -55 to +175 degrees C. XTM's stabilty over temperature is well below 500 ppm per degree C. This device can also be offered in miniature SMD IC packages such as SOT23 for Printed Circuit Board mounting.

OnChip's XTM can be laser trimmed to customer specific resistor values. Pricing varies depending on the resistor value and tolerance. Typical production unit price is $0.90. Pricing for SMD packaged units range between $1.50 and $1.85. Standard lead-time for this device is 4 to 6 weeks upon receipt of order. Developed at the OnChip Santa Clara facility, these components are produced to the highest quality standards.

OnChip Devices
Part Number: XTM

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