Power Electronics

High Isolation, High Creepage Welding Transformers

The environmental safety requirements for welding transformers are extreme. Payton Planar transformers 710101 transformer solves the problem with the unique bobbin that provides up to 16mm of creepage and more than 6,000 Vrms isolation.

One particular example provides 5000W output, in a full bridge converter at 60kHz. The primary current is more than 30A peak, with less than 50W of total power dissipation. The size is 120 mm (L) x 65 mm (W) x 20 mm (H). The output current is more than 150A and the input voltage is 400Vdc. Even with a power density of 500W/in.3, the efficiency is better than 98.9%. Terminations are available per customer requirements. Custom design samples in few weeks.

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