Power Electronics

High-Frequency, High-Power, Oil-Immersed, Conduction-Cooled, Low Stray Inductance, Metalized Polypropylene Capacitors

High Energy Corporation has announced the first line of high-frequency, high-power, oil-immersed and conduction-cooled metalized polypropylene robust capacitors with extremely low stray inductance and losses that last and last beyond expectations. These new patent-pending capacitors, featuring a unique method to keep oil inside and outside the capacitor winding without leaking, combine the benefits of oil-immersed windings and conduction-cooled mounting in a small, easy-to-install package. The new capacitors also have a 25% higher power rating and better dependability when compared to others.

High Energy Corporation's new patent-pending CHGOIL5XXX and CHLOIL5XXX series capacitors are available in 0.05 to 2.4 microfarads for heat treating, brazing, welding, plasma and other power supply applications. These robust capacitors can operate continuously at 1000 Vrms and 400 kHz generating 250 kVAr. At lower voltages, they can operate at frequencies as high as 1 MHz. CHGOIL5XXX series capacitors are designed to be mounted with two ¼ or 6 mm bolts on a 1-½ inch mounting footprint. These capacitors are 1-½ inches wide by 1-½ inches high by 1-7/8 inches long and weigh 0.9 lbs. CHLOIL5XXX series capacitors are designed to be mounted with two ¼ or 6mm bolts on a 5/8 inch mounting footprint. These capacitors are 1-3/16 inches wide by 1-¼ inches high by 2-¾ inches long and weigh 0.7 lbs. Custom values and custom package configurations are available upon request.

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