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Image courtesy of Murata
<p>(Image courtesy of Murata).</p>

High Frequency Chip Inductors with Superior Q Characteristics

Murata Americas launched its LQP02HQ series of film-type high frequency chip inductors in the ultra-compact 01005 size (0.4 x 0.2 mm).  The demands for increased multiband capabilities, multi-functionality, and advanced functionality are significant market drivers.  Given that, the configuration of RF circuits in smartphones and other compact mobile devices has become more complex, and the number of integrated components has also increased dramatically.  At the same time, the battery footprint inside mobile devices has become larger, necessitating the RF circuits to be configured in tighter spaces. This is a critical factor in the rising demand for ultra-compact inductors with high-Q characteristics that are capable of keeping circuit loss to an absolute minimum.

Murata used its proprietary microprocessing technology to develop the LQP02HQ series.  This product line features optimum coil patterns and L-shaped electrode construction.  By enlarging the dimension in the height direction rather than in the horizontal direction, the company achieved the world's highest Q characteristics in the 01005 size.  Further, the new solution supports an inductor tolerance of ±0.05 nH (0.4 to 1.5 nH), which is now the world's lowest.  The series consists of 57 items with inductance values ranging from 0.4 nH to 22 nH.   

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