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High Energy Resistors

Ohmite Manufacturing announces the new TP Series of thick film, high energy resistors. These resistors offer users the benefits of non-inductive performance and high power density.  As an added feature, they provide the impulse energy capability normally associated with wirewound or composition resistors. Double-sided screen printing of pulse tolerant thick film ink, coupled with a sophisticated laser trimming process, maximize the energy withstanding capabilities of the TP Series.

Occupying very little PCB real estate, the easy-to-install TP810 (10 watt) is the first of a platform of high energy thick film resistors that Ohmite will be introducing. TP810 resistors are offered in 8 off-the-shelf resistance values ranging from 10-10K ohms at 5% tolerance.

The TP810 resistors are ideal for surge protection in high power electrical devices and have been successfully tested at 100 Joules (watt/seconds) over a 100 millisecond pulse.

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