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High Energy Pulse Applications Resistors

High Energy Pulse Applications Resistors

The SM8035 from Stackpole is a 4-watt molded SMD wirewound resistor.  The robust wirewound element can withstand much higher surge energy than other film surge resistors.  The SM8035 in a 1-ohm value, for example, has the energy handling capacity of 43.3 Joules.  The other SM sizes similarly have impressive pulse handling for their size.  Pulse handling also typically increases for lower resistance values due to the necessity to use larger diameter wire.

The SM series in general is a good choice for a wide range of power supplies and electric motor controls, as well as robotics, medical devices, test equipment, network equipment, and industrial automation.

The SM8035 is available in tape and reel packaging.  Pricing varies with resistance value and tolerance and ranges from $0.44 to $0.63 each in full reel quantities.  Contact Stackpole or one of our valued distribution partners for volume pricing.  Many common values are available from stock.

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