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High-Current Storage Chokes In ERU 20 Case Size

TDK-EPC has extended the standard ERU 13 (HPI 13) and ERU 25 series of EPCOS power inductors by offering the new ERU 20 standard series characterized by particularly high current capability. At inductance values between 1.0 and 35.0 µH, the ERU 20 chokes possess a current capability of between 9.3 and 50.0 A. Their DC resistance values range between 0.62 and 7.0 mΩ.

The ERU case sizes are especially suited for use in high-current low-voltage DC-DC converters, point-of-load (POL) converters and multiphase modules. Their design is based on optimized ferrite cores and flat-wire winding technology. Their low core losses and efficient design with self-supporting winding permit ultra-compact dimensions and an excellent energy storage density. As a result, these ERU 20 inductors have a footprint of only 21 x 21.5 mm² and an insertion height of between 9.8 and 14.2 mm, depending on type. They are RoHS-compatible and can also be manufactured in customer-specific versions.

Possible applications are the power supplies of telecommunications and IT systems, as well as inverters for photovoltaic systems.

  • Up to 50 A
  • Down to 0.62 mΩ DC resistance
  • RoHS-compatible

Part Number: EUR

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