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Precision, Inc. announces the global launch of four new technologies within the company´s family of high-current inductors. Available in four standard sizes as well as in a variety of custom formats, the new high-current inductors feature a unique flat-wire, ferrite core construction that generates both real estate and cost savings while reducing power losses.

The high-density construction of the Precision high-current inductors features an innovative flat-wire, edge-wound copper coil that generates significant efficiency gains and space savings compared to alternative round-wire or Litz wire technologies.

The high-density inductor construction maximizes form capabilities and generates up to 33% real estate savings compared to round-wire alternatives. This high-density construction allows for 50-60% copper utilization compared to just 35-40% for round-wire or 25-30% for Litz wire. Higher copper utilization reduces power losses up to 25% compared to alternative round-wire and Litz wire technologies due to the reduced resistance. The single-layer winding also reduces parasitics which leads to lower switching losses and higher efficiency.

Higher copper utilization also means higher inductance can be achieved at a given volume. This not only generates potential real estate savings, but also leads to lower ripple current which in turn reduces stress on other circuit components such as EMI filters and output capacitors. Overall system component pricing can be reduced as design engineers no longer need pricier, more durable EMI filters and output capacitors.

Precision´s new high-current inductors feature cost-effective and efficient ferrite core construction. Ferrite is more cost-effective than metal alloy powder material such as Sendust and enhances performance by allowing up to 50-90% lower core loss. Ferrite is also resistant to thermal aging, ensuring a long operational life. The ferrite core shape is carefully designed to allow for optimal surface area to volume ratio for efficient heat dissipation in high-current applications.

The Precision family of features four standard RoHS compliant and halogen-free technologies that can serve as immediate drop in replacement parts.

For custom and semi-custom applications, complimentary design engineering support is provided for small, mid and high volume orders. Precision´s unique offering includes on-shore and off-shore manufacturing capabilities and state-of-the-art design software that make it possible to optimize all performance parameters for each unique application. Precision design engineers have industry-leading experience in the broadest array of inductor and transformer applications.

Precision, Inc.
Part Number: High-Current

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