Power Electronics

Gull Wing SMT .070-in. Pitch ShrinkDIP & SIP Sockets and Headers

Mill-Max series 117, 127, 217 & 227 shrinkDIP sockets accommodate memory chips and components which have pin-to-pin spacing of .070-in. (1,778mm). The reduced pattern of the shrinkDIP series also saves valuable board space for board-to-board connections as more pin connections can be made using less "real estate" than standard .100" pitch patterns. They can also be mated with series 162 shrinkDIP headers for board-to-board connections.

The Mill-Max series 317 & 327 single-row "shrinkSIPs" are an ideal solution for most microelectronic applications. Mated with series 862 headers, they save critical board space when connecting two small boards together.

Available in both through-hole and surface mount, the Mill-Max shrinkDIP and shrinkSIP series sockets and headers are the perfect solution for today's products where designs are continually pressed to become smaller and smaller.

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