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Gold-Plated Terminations for 200°C Applications

Gold-Plated Terminations for 200°C Applications

KEMET introduced a series of gold plated termination options to its high temperature 200°C ceramic capacitor product lines.

Gold terminations were developed to accommodate mission critical, high reliability and high temperature applications where the use of pure tin and tin-lead plating may compromise long term performance and RoHS initiatives, respectively. Available on surface mount HT 200 C Series and HV-HT 200°C Series C0G dielectric product families, gold terminations eliminate concerns associated with high temperature reliability as well as long term storage. Thickness offerings range from 1.97 micro-in to greater than 100 micro-in. Furthermore, these options facilitate assembly by wire bonding, conductive adhesive (epoxy bonding) as well as most soldering attachment methods while ensuring improved long term performance and reliability.

 "KEMET's new gold termination options further the company's commitment to supporting customers with increasingly higher temperature requirements," said Reggie Phillips, KEMET Product Line Manager. "Our patented base metal electrode dielectric technology combined with gold termination translates to a lead-free, RoHS and REACH compliant product capable of continuous and reliable operation up to 200 °C."

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