Power Electronics

Fuses Mitigate Arc Flashing

Ferraz Shawmut’s Amp-Trap 2000 family of Type “2” (No Damage) circuit protection devices are current-limiting fuses that prevent high-energy arcs. Opening in less than one-quarter cycle at fault currents up to 300 kA, the fuses minimize the let-through current that flows downstream. Applications include low-voltage electric system protection from service entrances to motors.

The fuses feature time delay, handling inrush currents from motor starters and transformers without nuisance opening, and a selectivity ratio of 2:1 to avoid nuisance shutdowns and blackouts. Devices within the fuse family include: A4BQ Class L, AJT Class J (time delay), A2D and A6D Class RK1, and HSRK Class RK1.

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