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Fused Capacitor Guards Against Short Circuits

From AVX (www.avx.com), the TBW series tantalum Fused Capacitor provides increased protection against short circuit failure modes. Using a thin film technology, the TBW Fused Capacitor has an internal fuse to protect against short circuits, as well as lower ESR limits than many of its competitors. Applications for the capacitor include any military or aerospace circuitry where derating is at marginal levels and reliability relating to voltage breakdown is a concern.

"In response to customer concerns regarding equipment damage resulting from system shorts, we developed the TBW series tantalum Fused Capacitor, which offers unparalleled protection against this potentially costly problem," said Bob Fairey, General Manager - Biddeford. "By adding an internal fuse to the TBW Series, we have a developed a capacitor that actually protects against system failure with voltage ratings up to 50 Vdc."

Advanced volumetric efficiency of the TBW Fused Capacitor material enables the chip to achieve high capacitance values in standard case sizes. Capacitance values range from 4.7°F to 47°F with a capacitance tolerance of ±10% to ±20% This series operates over a temperature range -55°C to +125°C.

Pricing for the TBW Tantalum Fused Capacitor starts $6.00 each for Weibull graded product per MIL PRF 55365 in quantities of 1000 pieces.

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