Power Electronics

FPC (ZIF) Connector Series For Consumer Electronics

FCI now offers a complete range of front-side flip-actuator FPC ZIF (Zero insertion force) connectors. Designated the VLK Series, the FPC ZIF connectors provide a robust design that can withstand high-cable retention forces, making them ideal for consumer and automotive applications including LCD monitors, LCD TV sets, optical disc drives and monitors/displays.

"Consumer and automotive multimedia systems are utilizing larger and higher-quality LCD displays that require FPC connection," said Akira Nakia, global product line director, FCI. "Optical disc drive systems such as Blu-Ray are consuming elevated levels of data volume that require faster transmission speeds and more signals in the system to connect with pick-up units and module boards. The VLK Series was designed to meet these requirements.

The connector's flipping actuator facilitates the secure cable assembly with click actuation. FCI integrated this feature to ensure compatibility for automotive multimedia applications.

The connectors front-side flip actuator facilitates the secure cable assembly with click actuation. The VLK Series connectors are currently available in 35, 45 and 60 contact versions and can be assembled with a 0.3mm thick FPC cable.

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