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FLC Series AC Filtering Film Capacitors

FLC Series AC Filtering Film Capacitors

The FLC Series medium power AC filtering film capacitors from AVX Corp. exhibit high dielectric strength in operating temperatures spanning -40°C to +85°C. The capacitors comprise dry, metallized polypropylene encased in a plastic case filled with flame-retardant thermosetting resin, all in accordance with UL 94.  Optimized for AC voltage performance and designed for PCB mounting, the series also exhibits self-healing properties, high ripple current, and high contact reliability and is ideal for AC filtering in power converters, UPS systems, solar and wind inverters, and motor drives, among other applications..

Featuring a rated lifetime of 100,000 hours at rated voltage and 70 °C, the RoHS-compliant FLC Series medium power film capacitors do not have a catastrophic failure mode as, unlike aluminum electrolytic capacitors, film capacitors simply experience a parametric loss of capacitance of approximately 5% from initial value with no risk of short circuit at the end of their lifetime and continue to be functional even after this 5% decrease.  FLC Series capacitors are available in 15 case sizes (A-O), three voltages (250 V, 300 V, and 350V), three pitches (27.5, 37.5, and 52.5), two capacitance tolerances (±5% and ±10%), two lead lengths (5 mm and 15 mm), and with two or four leads.  Capacitance values for the series span 1.0 µF to 50 µF.  Lead time is approximately eight weeks.

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