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Film Resistors Feature 5-ppm/°C Stability

Available in values ranging from 50 Ω to 25 MΩ, the USF300 Series film resistors from Caddock Electronics feature a maximum temperature coefficient (TC) of 5 ppm/°C over the -40°C to +85°C temperature range. The USF300 Series is available in three models with voltage and power ratings of 300 V and 0.33 W (USF340); 1400 V and 0.75 W (USF370); and 2500 V and 0.75 W (USF371). For lower TC values, Caddock offers the USF200 Series with a maximum TC of 2 ppm/°C over the same temperature range.

The USF300 Series resistors are manufactured with an alumina ceramic sandwich that offers exceptional thermal performance. The high thermal conductivity of the alumina sandwich construction provides good heat flow away from the resistor element minimizing the temperature rise in the resistor due to power dissipation as compared to “plastic package” low-TC resistors. This provides extremely stable operating performance as power is applied to the low-TC resistor.

Tolerance for the USF300 Series is 0.10% or 0.01%. Load life stability is 2000 hrs at full rated voltage/power at +85°C, with a maximum %∆R of +0.015% ±0.015%. For 10,000 hrs at full rated voltage/power at +85°C, maximum %∆R is +0.030% ±0.030%.

The series is available now. Contact Caddock Electronics for pricing.

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