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Film Capacitors Meet DC Filtering Needs

Film Capacitors Meet DC Filtering Needs

AVX Corp. has launched its newest FFLC Series medium power film capacitors for DC filtering applications.  Available in large case sizes up to 35 liters, the new FFLC Series capacitors exhibit higher specific energy than equivalent solutions (up to 240J/l) and feature AVX’s controlled self-healing technology, which enables safe, high reliability, long lifetime performance with no risk of explosion.  Also available with a low stray inductance option that enables high frequency ripple current, the series is ideal for DC filtering in many power conversion applications, such as main or auxiliary inverters rail applications, wind turbines and solar PV inverters, and motor drives.

Comprised of metallized, segmented polypropylene film encased in unpainted, rectangular, resin-filled aluminum cases, FFLC Series capacitors feature two mounting brackets and either four M8/15 female connections or four M12/30 male connections.  Voltage ratings for the series span 800 to 1350 V, capacitance values span 1750 µF to 20,600 µF, and parasitic inductance values span 32 H to 55 nH.  Exhibiting a ±10% tolerance, FFLC Series capacitors feature a maximum RMS current value of up to 400 A and an average lifetime of 100,000 hours at rated DC voltage, 70 °C hot-spot temperature, and a <2% change in capacitance value. 


Lead time for the FFLC Series is in the range of 10-18 weeks and specific designs based on customer requests are available. 


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