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Extended Portfolio of Reactors For Frequency Converters

Extended Portfolio of Reactors For Frequency Converters

TDK Corporation presents a new product group of EPCOS standard 3-phase line reactors for frequency converters with input rectifier stages. Seven new types in the B86305L* series cover a broad current range from 4 A to 230 A. These line reactors are designed for a rated voltage of  520 V AC and, depending on the type, for a short-circuit voltage of 5 percent to 6 percent. They are thus able to efficiently suppress any EMI caused by the frequency converters.

The new line reactors are also characterized by their high saturation strength. As a result, their inductance remains constant up to 1.5 times the rated current. Even at three times the rated current, the inductance remains above 60 percent of its rated value. The reactors of the B86305L*R000 and S000 series are manufactured with a UL-approved insulation system that meets class F requirements. While the types for rated currents of up to the 60 A have copper windings and clamp terminals, the types for 100 A and 230 A feature aluminum band windings and busbar terminals.

Main applications:

·      Frequency converters for drives, pumps, elevators, air-conditioning and conveyor systems

·      Three-phase power supplies Main features and benefits

·      Rated voltage of 520 V AC

·      Current strengths from 4 A to 230 A

·      Constant inductance up to 1.5 times the rated current

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