Power Electronics

Expanded Inductor Offering

Renco Electronics announced that it is expanding the offering of one of its best-selling products, the RL-8054-1 series. Due to customer demand, Renco will increase the shielded radial choke series with twelve new inductance values, ranging from 1.2 mH to 10 mH. These higher inductance values are necessary in some EMI input circuits for switched-mode power supplies used in various applications.

An addition to the new expanded offering, the RL-8054 features a full magnetically shielded design and meets any space demand at only 7.8 mm in diameter and 7.5 mm in height. Mainly used in noise filtering applications, the new RL-8054-1 shielded radial choke will remain packaged in tape and reel quantities of 300 and priced at $0.14 per unit. Finally, durable construction of the 8054-1 allows for a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +130°C.

Renco Electronics
Part Number: RL-8054-1

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