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ESD Clamps Provide Single-Line Protection

Semtech now offers three single-line versions of its uClamp protection products designed for portable devices with low voltage levels, starting at 3.3 V. The uClamp3301P is designed to protect 3.3-V lines, the uClamp0501P is designed to protect 5-V lines, and the uClamp1201P is designed to protect 12-V lines. The devices are housed in a 1.0-mm x 0.6-mm x 0.5-mm SLP package. All three devices exceed the IEC 61000-4-2 ESD standard of +/-15 kV (air), +/-8 kV (contact). They also meet IEC 61000-4-4 data line EFT/Cable Discharge Event protection (40 A with tp=5/50ns).

These products are part of Semtech’s MicroClamp ESD protection family and protect isolated lines or ICs. The uClamp3301P is optimized for protecting low-voltage I/O lines, while the uClamp0501P is targeted at 5-V applications, and the uClamp1201P is designed for higher-voltage battery lines. All parts are solid-state technology and have low clamping voltages.

The uClamp3301P is the first 3.3-V single-line protection device available on the market. It is constructed using Semtech’s patented enhanced punch through (EPT) TVS process technology, which the company has successfully used to yield true 3.3-V operating voltages on multiline devices including the uClamp3324P and the uClamp3304A.

The uClamp3301P, uClamp0501P and uClamp1201P are available now. Pricing in 1000-piece lots is $0.22 each for the uClamp3301P.TCT, $0.21 each for the uClamp0501P.TCT, and $0.25 for the uClamp1201P.TCT.

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