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Elastomers Have Low Moisture Permeability

This two component urethane series from Epoxies, Etc. are low-durometer potting, casting, and encapsulating compounds. The series consists of 20-2305 (Shore A 25), 20-2350 (Shore A 50) and 20-2360 (Shore A 90). They are unfilled materials engineered to provide excellent hydrolytic stability and low moisture permeability. Available colors are black and clear.

These unique urethane formulations maintain their integrity over an operating temperature range of -40°C to 125°C. The low glass transition temperature of -72°C makes these urethanes ideal for low temperature potting applications.

Typical specifications for the 20-2305, 20-2350 and 20-2360 are as follows: Coefficients of thermal expansion are 2.28 x 10 -4/°C, 2.28x10 -4/°C and 2.28x10 -4/°C, respectively; tensile strengths are 150 psi, 150 psi and 400 psi, respectively; elongations are 60%, 50% and 40%, respectively.
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