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Developer’s Kit Facilitates Connector Designs

The Latch-N-Lok Developer’s Kit from FCI enables designers to try this unique input-output connector without ordering new parts. The kit contains a selection of Latch-N-Lok products including popular versions with enhanced shields that are most commonly used in USB+Power applications. The Latch-N-Lok Developer’s Kit is free. Customers can obtain their own kit simply by emailing FCI at [email protected].

The Latch-N-Lok Connector Family is a shielded, latching input/output connector system with PCB receptacles and cable plug kits for signals including high-speed and power. The family includes a latching feature that has an audible ‘click’ when it is properly attached.

The Developer’s Kit provides cable backshell components that can be used to create an overmolded look without an investment in overmold tooling. The cable connectors accommodate a wide variety of diameters and wires, ranging from 20 AWG to 32 AWG, as well as offering 4 to 20 circuits.

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