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DC-Link Film Capacitor Series Has Snap-In Terminals To Ease Mounting

DC-Link Film Capacitor Series Has Snap-In Terminals To Ease Mounting

AVX Corp. has launched the  FRC Series medium power DC-link film capacitors, which feature a wide range of capacitance and voltage values in addition to self-healing properties. Designed for use in DC filter circuits, power supplies, industrial inverters, UPS systems, motor drives, power converters, and solar inverters, FRC Series capacitors are comprised of dry, wound, metallized polypropylene film dielectric encased in a size A, self-extinguishing, cylindrical plastic case sealed with thermosetting resin and featuring four snap-in terminals that facilitate easy mounting to PCBs.

FRC Series capacitors are available in nine voltages spanning 400 V-1500 V, two tolerances (±5% and ±10%), two lead lengths (4mm and 8mm), and with capacitance values spanning 4.7 µF to 35 µF. Housed in size A cylindrical cases measuring 54mm (L) x 36 mm (OD) x 5.1 mm (P1), the RoHS-compliant series is rated for operating temperatures spanning -40 °C to +105 °C and exhibits long lifetime performance of 100,000 hours at rated voltage and 70°C.

Additionally, unlike aluminum electrolytic capacitors, FRC Series polypropylene film capacitors do not have a catastrophic failure mode. Instead, these capacitors simply experience a parametric loss of capacitance of approximately 5% from their initial value, eliminating the risk of short circuit and enabling continued functionality. Lead time is approximately eight weeks, depending on demand, quantity, and model chosen.


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