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D-Sub Pin-in-Paste Product Portfolio Expanded

FCI has extended its reflow process-compatible D-Sub family of connectors by adding 37-position connectors to the existing range of right-angle version Pin-In-Paste connectors offered in 9 to 25 positions with through-hole technology. This product line will allow customers to reduce their total applied costs by replacing wave-soldering or press-fit operations without requiring a new PCB layout, as well as saving time with possible automatic placement. This makes the D-Sub Pin-In-Paste connector ideal for applications such as daughter boards in industrial and telecom applications.

The D-Sub Right Angle Pin-In-Paste range is offered in 9-, 15-, 25- and 37-way versions in two standard footprints: US style with 6.3mm standoff and Europe style with 7.2mm standoff. The connector's specific weight balance ensures it will stay in its initial position as it is reflow-processed.

The existing straight version of the FCI Delta D Pin-in-Paste range is offered in 9- to 50-way versions. The entire product line is available in a variety of packaging options compatible with existing customer processes: manual positioning, automatic pick-and-place with vacuum nozzle, or gripper.

The Delta D Pin-In-Paste range meets the RoHS European Directive EU 2002/95/EC. For more information on the new Pin-In-Paste Delta D Series connectors, including product specifications and customer drawings, visit the FCI web site at www.fci.com/dsub.

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