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Current-Sense Transformers Are Surface-Mount

EPCOS has developed two series of current-sense transformers that are particularly suitable for compact dc-dc converters because of their SMT design. These transformers are a complete solution with the primary winding already integrated.

Device type: current-sense transformers
Construction: EE5 series is a comparable solution for designs based on an EE5 core. E4.2 series is a miniature variant with a more-compact core. In the E4.2 series, the primary winding is not implemented on an external bracket as in the EE5 series but in a space-saving design integrated in the coil former.
DCR (primary winding): 2.5 mΩ at a rated current of 7 A and a test voltage of 360 Vac (E4.2 series), 0.8 mΩ at a rated current of 20 A and a test voltage of 500 Vac (EE5 series)
Inductance (minimum): ranges from 33 µH to 1280 µH (E4.2 series) or 80 µH to 3000 µH (EE5 series)
Turns ratio (NP:NS): ranges from 1:20 to 1:125
Operating temperature range: -40ºC to +125ºC
Packaging (max dimensions): 7.11 mm x 8.38 mm x 5.08 mm (EE5 series) or 3.5 mm x 4.7 mm x 3.5 mm (E4.2 series)
Target applications: used wherever control, protection or load-detection functions are required; compact dc-dc converter with mid-range outputs
Pricing: $0.75 each in quantities of 10,000
Availability: available now
Data sheets posted on web? yes, see http://www.epcos.com/web/generator/Web/Sections/ProductCatalog/Inductors/Inductors/SMTCurrentSenseTransformers/Page,locale=en.html

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