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Current-Sense Resistors Perform In Extreme Environments

IRC's OAR-TP Series open-air sense resistors feature flameproof construction that makes them well suited for use in high-reliability servers, lithium-ion battery packs, open-frame power supplies and other applications.

"In extreme temperature environments, the construction of these resistors allows them to perform reliably as long as high temperature solder is employed," says Bryan Yarborough, IRC's applications engineer.

Device type: open-air sense resistors
Construction: a flameproof, heavy-gauge metal alloy with welded nodes and copper leads
Power rating: 1 W, 3 W or 5 W
Resistance: 0.003 Ù to 0.10 Ù for 1-W resistors, 0.0025 Ù to 0.10 Ù for 3-W resistors
Tolerance: ±1% or ±5%
TCR: ±20 ppm/°C
Inductance: typically less than 10 nH
Operating temperature range: data sheet specifies temperature cycling at -40°C and +125°C
Features long form factor dissipates heat at the solder joints
Packaging: welded construction
RoHS compliant? yes
Target applications: high-reliability servers, lithium-ion battery packs, open-frame power supplies, surge and pulse, feedback and low inductance applications
Pricing: from $0.248 to $0.34 each in quantities of 10,000 pieces
Availability: available now
Data sheets posted on web? yes, seewww.irctt.com/products.aspx?frmCategory=22

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