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Conduction-Cooled Planar Cores

Conduction-Cooled Planar Cores

Payton's planar cores are ideal for conduction cooling but even a non-planar core, properly designed can be kept cooled.   One example is a buck inductor at 100 kHz, 10 µH at 160 A.  With 43 Watts of dissipation proper cooling is imperative.   Mounted on a heat sink and with the inductor having 1 Cº/W hot spot to heatsink thermal impedance, proper cooling is achieved. This inductor can fully operate with no derating with a heatsink at 100 °C.

Payton has been emphasizing the importance of providing cooling for all magnetics with power dissipation of over 1 Watt.   Conduction cooling is used for most semiconductors and this cooling method is also ideal for magnetics.

Payton   can design and produce samples of any custom planar or conventional magnetic design in as little as few weeks.

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