Power Electronics

Concave 0402X4 and 0402X2 Thick Film Chip Resistor Arrays

Stackpole announced the release of its RACF10 Series of concave thick film chip resistor arrays. The RACF102D is a two-element array in a 0404 overall package size. The RACF104D is a four-element array in a 0408 overall package size. Chip resistor arrays offer a significant space savings over discrete chip resistors as well as improved tolerance and TCR tracking. The RACF10 size is available with a 5% tolerance. The RACF10 Series provides a space savings of more than 60% versus the RACF16 Series.

Stackpole's RACF Series resistors are an ideal choice for pull up or pull down resistors, LED current limiting, memory modules, optics and optical instrumentation, communications and network equipment, multimedia, computer peripherals, and laser controls. Pricing for the RACF104D and RACF102DJ is $0.0069 each in full reel quantities. Contact Stackpole or franchised distributors for volume pricing.

Stackpole Electronics Inc.
Part Number: RACF10

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