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Companies Build Ultracapacitor Model Library

Maxwell Technologies (www.maxwell.com) and Ansoft (www.ansoft.com) have announced they will develop a model library of Maxwell Technologies' BOOSTCAP ultracapacitor cells and multi-cell modules using the VHDL-AMS modeling language. Designers will then be able to use these models in Ansoft's SIMPLORER multidomain system-simulation software.

Maxwell Technologies selected SIMPLORER based on the strength of its VHDL-AMS simulation capabilities and on Ansoft's leading position and focus on providing high-performance, system-simulation solutions to the automotive, aerospace and industrial power markets.

"The library will contain a wide range of ultracapacitor cell and module products to ensure that our current and future customers will have the necessary elements to develop the next generation of energy-storage systems for automotive, industrial and other applications," said Dr. John M. Miller, Maxwell's vice president, advanced transportation applications. "We chose the SIMPLORER platform because it provides robust modeling capability, is widely used in our target markets and adheres to the VHDL-AMS modeling standard." "Hybrid-electric vehicles and alternative-energy research and development are of great interest to our SIMPLORER customers," said Dr. Marius Rosu, Ansoft's group leader for SIMPLORER modeling. “For researchers to have access to accurate VHDL-AMS models of ultracapacitors directly from Maxwell Technologies will make them more productive and speed the pace of their research."

VHDL-AMS is the IEEE-endorsed standard modeling language (standard 1076.1) created to provide a general-purpose, open language for analog-mixed-signal designs.

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