Power Electronics

Compact PFC Inductors Using Metglass or Nanocrystalline

PFC inductors are a must for all off-line power systems. In addition to the low profile, 7mm(H), which Payton introduced in 2010, Payton now has high power offerings in a compact design. Designed for a 5000 W system in a size of 70mm(L)x55m(W)x40mm(H), the core is a special design produced by Payton using Nanocrystalline. Metglass and Nanocrystalline are used for the compact PFC designs from 50kHz to 100kHz, and ferrite is still used for the low profile designs. Inductance is typically from 100 to 250µH. The aluminum clasp provides mechanical and thermal properties necessary for the compact design. The PFC inductor can operate from -40ºC to 100ºC ambient at full load.

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