Power Electronics

Common Mode Toroid Kit

TDK-EPC Corporation, has produced a sample kit containing six components per nominal size for selected types of EPCOS brand common mode toroids series B82722A* (horizontal version) and B82722J (vertical version).

These power toroids are designed for a voltage of 250 V AC at currents (IR) of 0.3 to 3 A and inductances (LR) of 1.2 to 47 mH. They have UL and BDE approval. UL testing was conducted at 300 V AC. A major application of these toroids is the interference suppression on compact switched-mode power supplies for industrial electronics applications.

Supplied as a carton with two layers, one for horizontal toroids and one for vertical toroids, the kit may be ordered at www.epcos.com/samplekit.

Part Number: Power toroids

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