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Coaxial Wide Band 5.2 GHz to 18.0 GHz Lightning Protector for Microwave Applications

NexTek, Inc. announces the development of a new line of SurgeGuard™ quarter wave stub lightning protectors. Designed specifically for Microwave frequency applications, the QWS 0500 sets a new standard of protection for coaxial applications in these bands. OEMs have begun installing the QWS 0500 series in wireless and satellite applications operating in frequencies ranging from 5.2 GHz to 18.0 GHz.

The QWS 0500 series is extremely compact, measuring only 67 mm (2.62”) in length X 23 mm (0.90) in diameter N-type connectors and bulkhead mounting. It features best-in-class performance specifications including bi-directional protection, low VSWR, high RF power capability, and ultra-low let-through energy. The passive, always-on character of quarter wave stub lightning protectors means that the QWS 0500 will protect effectively against both lightning and high-speed (HEMP/NEMP) type surge pulses. By using robust materials and construction, the maintenance-free QWS 0500 series is ruggedized, weatherproof to IP68 standards, and can withstand multiple strikes as well as very high transients up to 60kApk.

The QWS 0500 SurgeGuard™ series of lightning arrestors is available now from NexTek, in N-type female bulkhead to N-type female connector configuration as P/N QWSNFNF0500.

NexTek Inc.

Part Number: QWS 0500

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